When it comes to your career desire, try following your heart.

Valentine’s Day is approaching and we see hearts everywhere – paper hearts, glittery hearts, candy hearts, red hearts, pink hearts, hearts on cards and cakes – all designed to remind us of love and our heart’s desire.

As a career coach, I’m interested to talk about your heart’s desire, that ideal job that you allow yourself to dream about every now and again while you are in the midst of career limbo or even career hell. Your career desire may be speaking to you through a longing that surfaces every now and then, or even every day.

It is a longing for collaboration, appreciation, respect and purpose in your chosen career. Or, your career desire may be a consistent sense of discontent about your current situation, which is the exact opposite of those warm fuzzies just described. Whether it’s one or the other, or a combination of both, recognize that inner voice! It is telling you that a growth spurt is waiting to happen. Despite the success that you’ve accomplished so far, humans are always seeking to grow and expand. It is Nature’s way. In this season of winter, we know that the bare trees we see are not dead; they are in limbo waiting to blossom when Spring arrives.

The same is true with you. Just because you have reached a plateau and feel like you are in limbo does not mean that you have nowhere to go. When you take the time to listen to your longings and your discontent, they will inform you. They are the makings of your heart’s desire. Listen and pay attention! Journal about what comes to you – it is the beginning of a new idea, a new life that is waiting to blossom; however, it can only burst into full bloom when you plant the seed and nurture it. Trying to bury your career desire because it’s scary or inconvenient doesn’t work because it is your dream seeking the light. Like trying to hold a beach ball under water for a long time, it will keep resurfacing until you give it your attention (which it deserves).

On this Valentine’s Day, give yourself the gift of dreaming – with your eyes wide open! Create a vision of your career desire or your ideal career, write it down and revisit it frequently. Put aside your concern about HOW you will accomplish this goal, and focus on your WHY. Take one small step each day in the direction of your dream. With this focus and commitment, your heart’s desire will become your reality.

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