Does your career development plan include the services of a coach?

I’d like to share with you three good reasons why you should consider a coach while working on your career development plan.

Career Development Plan: Your Coach is Your Sounding Board

The first reason is that a coach will always act as your sounding board who is not personally or emotionally involved with the outcome of what it is that you’re thinking. By actively listening and asking powerful questions, a coach will allow you to consider and express your real thoughts and feelings in a supportive and non-judgmental environment.

Career Development Plan: Your Coach Help Establish Your Picture Frame

The second reason to think about using a coach in your career development plan is the picture frame. And you say, “What does she mean by a picture frame?”

The reality is that in whatever situation we find ourselves in, we are in the picture frame looking out. The coach is looking into the picture frame looking at you. This difference offers you a new and different perspective so that you can expand the potential possibilities that are available to you as you develop your plan.

Career Development Plan: Your Coach is Your Safety Net

And what’s the third reason for considering a coach? The third reason is you have a safety net of support and accountability so that you feel free to experiment with ideas you have in developing your plan, and you can keep yourself on track to follow through with the actions you decide to take.

Not only do you have an objective person with whom you can explore ideas but also someone who can elicit different perspectives by looking into the picture frame of you.  Finally, you have someone who is there to support you in your greatness even when you experience what you might think of as failure.

In this short and simple article, I have shared with you three essential elements of considering a coach to achieve success in your career development plan. Let’s review those one more time:

  • A coach offers you an objective sounding board for any ideas, challenges or obstacles that you might face.
  • The coach is able to look at you from outside the picture frame and offer a different perspective from what you will experience being within the picture frame.
  • Very importantly, a coach offers a safety net of support for any of the experiments that you want to try as well as accountability to yourself for the actions you decide to take.

It’s time for you to take action! Often times, the first step is the most difficult. I understand that. Let’s meet for a Personalized Strategy Session so I can help you decide your next career move.